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Yeah!!! Yesterday we release our first katta version!!
My colleagues worked very hard on this and yesterday we finished our first big milestone. I also gave a katta talk at the hadoop conference and I will post the slides as soon I can.

Here goes the release announcement:



After 5 month work we are happy to announce the first developer preview release of katta.This release contains all functionality to serve a large, sharded lucene index on many servers.Katta is standing on the shoulders of the giants lucene, hadoop and zookeeper.


Main features:

+ Plays well with Hadoop
+ Apache Version 2 License.
+ Node failure tolerance
+ Master failover
+ Shard replication
+ Plug-able network topologies (Shard – Distribution and Selection Polices)
+ Node load balancing at client

Please give katta a test drive and give us some feedback!



Getting started in less than 3 min:

Installation on a grid:

Katta presentation today (09/17/08) at hadoop user, yahoo mission college:
* slides will be available online later

Many thanks for the hard work:
Johannes Zillmann, Marko Bauhardt, Martin Schaaf (101tec)


It is the perfect day to make one of this once in a while blog posts. I pimped up my blog a little just for this post. 

During the last weeks we worked hard on our new open source project and we finally could release the code into the source forge svn. We named the project katta since it is a african kind of monkey that loves to life in groups and is very social – so our project is. 

Katta is distributed lucene grid. Allows to server very large lucene indexes distributed over many servers. Therefore we divide the index into shards and each server serves a couple of those shards. Each shard is replicated so in case on server crashes katta can still serve the complete index without any hick-ups. 

We do not yet allow realtime/hot index updates but people from bailey another young source forge project work on that. However Mark Butler was so kind contributing some code that solves this problem and I guess we will work hard to get this integrated soon.

So check it out and subscribe the mailing list to give us some feedback.


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