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If you are a software developer you might already know this. In case there is a performance problem you should profile your application first and then improve performance on the hot spots. Unfortunately in my carrier I saw many developers doing it wrong and optimize where they guess the problem is. Of course they end up optimizing on the wrong place. Joshua Bloch talks about this problem in Effective Java.

Anyhow different topic, being a productivity freak and trying to otimize all my work on my computer I always looking for tune ups. How save me to type in passwords, autocomplete texts etc. 

But wait, didn’t I just say profile before optimize – right. So I took this approach to my computer user life. I installed slife a couple weeks ago and profiled my daily work. So where do I really spend time?


I learned I spend pretty frequently over 2 hours out of my 8 to 12 working hours in just reading through all the mails. Wow! 

Definitely time to start improving this and Merlin Manns talk looks like a very good starting point:


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