I’m enterprise software architect and entrepreneur focused on very large data processing  and distributed systems (grid or cloud computing) in the area of search engines and web 2.0.

Grown up in eastern germany, Saxony Anhalt, I had a lot of fun beeing young. Now I am living and working in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, California work on exiting startup projects and consulting for different companies.

I founded 101tec GmbH (aka media style) in 1997 right after hight school. We started out as multi media agency but over the time moved into hardcode technology development. We have a great team of  8 fulltime consultants now and it is great fun to work with this guys.

 In the late nighties I published different urban art culture and music magazines like 40below and helped out with buzz and multi media development at backjumps

Around 2000 I got interested in movie cutting and special effects. I worked almost a year for Siegfried Steiner (cinematograph of the ‘Die unendliche Geschichte’a pionier in HD Video. I did mainly ads for BMW and Mini at Avid, Discreet Flame and Softimage DS. Later I also worked with Neco Selik on small interesting projects. Also worked on fun other projects like a short movie or music videos (render time 3 days).